Difference between Diffusion and Osmosis: A Comparison Table

Diffusion vs Osmosis

Osmosis and Diffusion Difference: Diffusion and Osmosis are the two methods in membrane transport by which the movement of materials in and out of the cell takes places.

Diffusion: Diffusion is the movement of particles from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. Example: When a scent-bottle is opened in a room, quickly the fragrance will spread to the entire room by diffusion of the molecules through the air.

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Diffusion Example

Osmosis: Osmosis is a type of diffusion in which the solvent molecules move into the solution through a semi-permeable membrane. Example: Plasmolysis of a cell when it is placed in a sugar or salt solution.

The present post describes the Differences between Diffusion and Osmosis with a Comparison Table.

Osmosis and Diffusion Difference

Osmosis and Diffusion Difference

Sl. No.DiffusionOsmosis
1Definition: Movement of particles from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration.Definition: Movement of solvent molecules to solution through a semi-permeable membrane.
2Example: Diffusion of ink in waterExample: Plasmolysis of a cell in salt solution.
3No membrane is required for the diffusion process.Osmosis can take place only through a semi-permeable membrane.
4Diffusion can occur between any medium such as gas to gas, liquid to liquid, liquid to gas, solid to gas and solid to liquid.Osmosis can occur only in liquid medium.
5In diffusion, both solvent and solute molecules can diffuse.In osmosis, only the solvent (not the solute) molecules can diffuse.
6Diffusion can occur between similar or dissimilar types of solvents.The osmosis can take place only between similar types of solvents.
7In diffusion, the flow of particles can occur in all directions.In osmosis, the flow particles can occur only in one direction.
8The diffusion process can neither be stopped nor reversed.Osmosis can be reversed or stopped by applying additional pressure on the solution side.
9Diffusion is NOT influenced by the solute potential.Osmosis is influenced by the solution potential.
10Diffusion depends on the free energy of different particles.Osmosis depends on the rate of reduction of free energy of one solvent.
11At the end of diffusion process, the concentration of the diffusing particles will be equalized.At the end of osmosis, the concentration of solvent will not be equalized
12Diffusion is not influenced by the turgour pressure.Osmosis is hindered by the turgour pressure of the cell.

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