Difference between Simple Diffusion and Facilitated Diffusion: A Comparison Table

Simple Diffusion vs Facilitated Diffusion

Difference between Simple Diffusion and Facilitated Diffusion: Diffusion is the movement of particles from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. Based on the presence or absence of facilitator molecules, there are two types of diffusion processes. They are (1) Simple Diffusion and (2) Facilitated Diffusion.

(1). Simple Diffusion: Here the diffusion occurs without the aid of an intermediary molecule such as channel proteins or carrier molecules.

(2). Facilitated Diffusion: Facilitated diffusion is the process of spontaneous transport of molecules or ions across a cell’s membrane via specific trans-membrane proteins.

Difference between Simple Diffusion and Facilitated Diffusion

The present post discusses the Difference between the Simple and Facilitated Diffusion Process.

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Difference between Simple Diffusion and Facilitated Diffusion

Sl. No.Simple DiffusionFacilitated Diffusion
1Simple diffusion does not require the assistance of a carrier molecule.Facilitated diffusion can occur only with the assistance from a carrier molecule.
2The speed of simple diffusion is relatively slow.The speed of facilitated diffusion is comparatively fast.
3Simple diffusion is not solute specific.Facilitated diffusion is always solute specific.
4The simple diffusion process cannot be inhibited by an inhibitor molecule.The facilitated diffusion can be inhibited by specific inhibitor which binds to the carrier molecules.
5Simple diffusion is always a passive process.Facilitated diffusion may be an active or passive process.
6Simple diffusion does not require energy from ATP.Facilitated diffusion may or may not require energy from ATP.
7In simple diffusion, the molecules can pass only in the direction of concentration gradient.In facilitated diffusion, the molecules can pass both in direction and opposite of the concentration gradient.
8Simple diffusion permits the passage of only small and nonpolar molecules across the plasma membrane.Facilitated diffusion permits the passage of large and polar molecules across the plasma membrane.

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