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Botany & Zoology

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Welcome to Higher Secondary Biology Second Year (Plus Two) page of EasyBiologyClass. We provides all necessary study materials for biology teaching and learning. Here you can find Plus Two Botany Notes, Plus Two Zoology Notes, Plus Two Biology Previous Year Question Papers, Plus Two Biology Model Question Papers, Practical Notes etc. You can easily navigate to the page content though the links given below. Please remember, we can only provide the material stuffs, the ultimate success depends on your dedicated preparation.

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Plus Two Biology

@.  Plus Two Botany Notes

@.  Plus Two Zoology Notes

@.  പ്ലസ്-റ്റു ബോട്ടണി നോട്സ് – മലയാളത്തിൽ

@.  പ്ലസ്-റ്റു സുവോളജി നോട്സ് – മലയാളത്തിൽ

@.  Biology Practical Notes

@.  Biology Second Year Text (Download PDF): English  |  മലയാളം

@.  Previous Year Question Papers (+2)

@.  Model Question Papers (+2)

@.  MCQ for Higher Secondary Biology

@.  NEET – Previous Year Solved Papers (PDF)

@.  NEET – Mock Tests (Online)

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