Difference between the Physiological Response of Auxins and Gibberellins in Plants

Physiological Effects of Auxins vs Gibberellins

Physiological Effects of Auxins and Gibberellins in Plants: Auxins and Gibberellins are two major classes of plant hormones. Both hormones significantly influence the growth and various developmental processes in plants such as organogenesis, root initiation, sex expression, flowering etc. The physiological responses of Auxins and Gibberellins show many differences.

The present post discusses the difference between the physiological effects of Auxins and Gibberellins in plants with a comparison table.

Physiological Effects of Auxins and Gibberellins

Physiological Effects of Auxins and Gibberellins

Sl. No.AuxinsGibberellins
1Auxin induces apical dominance.Gibberellins do not have any effect on apical dominance.
2Higher concentration auxin initiates root development.Gibberellins do not initiate root development.
3Auxins do not have any effect on seed germination.Gibberellins promote seed germination.
4Auxin treatment is not effective for breaking the seed dormancy.Gibberellin treatment can break the seed dormancy.
5No role in floweringGibberellin promotes flowering.

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