Difference between Phototropism and Photoperiodism – Comparison Table

Phototropism vs Photoperiodism

Difference between Phototropism and Photoperiodism: Phototropism: Phototropism is the growth or movement of plants (or any organism) in response to light. Phototropism can be of two different types – (1) Positive Phototropism – movement towards the source of light, (2) Negative phototropism – movement away from the light. Negative phototropism is also called as Skototropism.

Difference between Phototropism and Photoperiodism

Photoperiodism: Photoperiodism is the response of plants (or any organism) to the lengths of dark and light periods in a day. The changes in the duration of light and dark periods in a day are called photoperiods. In plants, the photoperiodism induces flowering.

What is Phototropism

The present post discusses the Similarities and Differences between Phototropism and Photoperiodism

Similarities between Phototropism and Photoperiodism

Ø  Light has a significant role in both phototropism and photoperiodism.

Ø  Phototropism and photoperiodism are present in both plants and animals.

Ø  Both processes require photoreceptors to accept the light stimuli.

Ø  Both processes are orchestrated by hormones.

Difference between Phototropism and Photoperiodism

Sl. No.PhototropismPhotoperiodism
1Phototropism is a movement of curvature in plants caused by the light.Photoperiodism is the induction of flowering in response to the duration of light and dark periods in a day (photoperiods).
2Phototropism induces curvature in plant parts.Photoperiodism induce flowering in plants.
3Phototropism occurs when the light falls on the plant from one direction.Photoperiodism occurs irrespective of the direction of the light.
4The stimuli of phototropism are perceived by the apical meristem.The stimuli of photoperiodism are perceived by the leaves.
5Carotenoids (yellow coloured pigments) acts as the photoreceptors in the phototropism.Phytochromes (blue coloured pigments) act as the photoreceptors in photoperiodism.
6The phototropism is caused by the differential growth of an organ in the zone of elongation.The photoperiodism is caused by the conversion of a vegetative bud into a floral bud.
7Phototropism is mediated through the hormone Auxin.Photoperiodism and induction of flowering are mediated through Cytokinins and Gibberellins.

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