Botany Lecturer Recruitment Test 2017 by Kerala PSC: Model Question Paper 2/3

botany college lecturer exam by kpsc

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Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer / Assistant Professor Model Question Paper 2017 (Set 2/3)

Model/Sample Question Paper of Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor Recruitment Examination to be conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission Question for the appointment of Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Government Colleges of Kerala under the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Trivandrum, Kerala. Questions are in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format.

Botany Lecturer Test: Model Questions Set – 2/3

(1). The common intermediate in the synthesis of both adenine and guanine (purines) is

a.       IMP
b.      UMP
c.       AMP
d.      GMP

(2). What is Dobson?

a.       The unit of measure of ozone in the atmosphere
b.      The unit of the measure of thickness of ozone layer
c.       The unit of measure of concentration of CFC to destroy 1 mm of ozone layer
d.      The unit to measure the ozone hole

(3). The metabolite that bridges the gap between Glycolysis and the Kreb’s cycle is

a.       Oxaloacetate
b.      Pyruvate
c.       Acetyl Co-A
d.      Citrate

(4). Which of the following statement correctly describe the internal structure of a monocot root?

a.       Vascular bundles numerous, radial, with endarch xylem
b.      Vascular bundles numerous, radial with exarch xylem
c.       Vascular bundles limited in number, radial with endarch xylem
d.      Vascular bundles limited in number, radial with exarch xylem

(5). Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of K-selected species?

a.       Large number of progenies
b.      Parental care
c.       Delayed reproductive maturity
d.      Limited number of progenies

(6). Insectivorous plants grow in soil deficient of:

a.       Nitrogen
b.      Phosphorous
c.       Sulphur
d.      Carbon

(7). The energy contained in a photon is called

a.       Potential
b.      Quantum
c.       Heat
d.      Lux units

(8). Which cellular organelle contains the enzyme RuDP carboxylase?

a.       Ribosome
b.      Mitochondria
c.       Chloroplast
d.      Nucleus

(9). Which of the following is NOT a megabiodiversity country?

a.       Australia
b.      Russia
c.       China
d.      India

(10).  In clonal selection importance is given to:

a.       High degree of heterozygosity
b.      High degree of homozygosity
c.       Low degree of homozygosity
d.      Mutation

(11).  Heterosis is:

a.       Hybrid incompatibility
b.      Hybrid vigour
c.       Hybrid sterility
d.      Structural hybridity

(12).  What are the microbodies found in the cells of green leaves?

a.       Glyoxysomes
b.      Microsomes
c.       Lysosomes
d.      Peroxisomes

(13).  Which science deals with the cultivation of trees?

a.       Sericulture
b.      Floriculture
c.       Arboriculture
d.      Agriculture

(14).  Soilless culture is known as:

a.       Hydrography
b.      Hydroponics
c.       Hydrodynamics
d.      Hydrobiology

(15).  Which of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas?

a.       Water vapour
b.      Ozone
c.       Carbon monoxide
d.      Methane

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Answer Key

1. Ans. (a). IMP

Learn more: Purine and Pyrimidine Synthesis (de novo and Salvage Pathways)

2. Ans. (b). The unit of the measure of thickness of ozone layer

3. Ans. (c). Acetyl Co-A

4. Ans. (b). Vascular bundles numerous, radial with exarch xylem

5. Ans. (a). Large number of progenies

6. Ans. (a) Nitrogen

7. Ans. (b). Quantum

8. Ans. (c). Chloroplast

9. Ans. (b). Russia

10.  Ans. (b). High degree of homozygosity

11.  Ans. B). Hybrid vigour

12.  Ans. (d). Peroxisomes

13.  Ans. (c). Arboriculture

14.  Ans. (b). Hydroponics

15.  Ans. (c). Carbon monoxide

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