Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC) Botany Lecturer / Assistant Professor Exam 2009 Question Paper Part 4 (MCQ 013)

Part – 4 (Questions 76 – 100) (MCQ 013)

(76).  A man who is affected with phenylketonuria marries a woman who is heterozygous at that locus. What is the probability that their first child will have phenylketonuria?

a.       1/8
b.      ¼
c.       ½
d.      ¾

(77).  Which of the following statements about heritability are true?

a.       Is a measure of level of gene linkage
b.      Is a measure of inbreeding
c.       Is a measure of proportion of repeated DNA in an organism
d.      Is a measure of the proportion of variation that is due to genetic causes

(78).  Heat shock proteins were originally described as protein produced in response to heat stress. Some are known to act as:

a.       Molecular chaperones that regulate protein folding
b.      Protein-tyrosine kinase protein
c.       Protease that degrade ubiquitone-tagged protein
d.      GTPase activating protein

(79).  The synthesis of glucose from lactate, glycerol, or amino acid is called:

a.       Glycogenolysis
b.      Glycolysis
c.       Lipolysis
d.      Gluconeogenesis

(80).  Each division of state micrometer equal to:

a.       0.01 mm
b.      1 µm
c.       0.1 mm
d.      None of the above

(81).  Basic unit used for virus measurement is:

a.       Micrometer
b.      Nanometer
c.       Millimeter
d.      All of the above

(82).  The oxidation of a molecule of palmitic acid, CH3 (CH2)14CO2H:

a.       Yield 8 molecules of acetyl-CoA and some ATP and water
b.      Yields 16 molecules of acetyl-CoA only
c.       Yields carbon dioxide and water only
d.      Uses more ATP than it generates

(83).  Which genus of bacteria listed below grows best at 70-100oC?

a.       Pyrococcus
b.      Halobacterium
c.       Methanosarcina
d.      Escherichia

(84).  ϕX174 has:

a.       double stranded RNA
b.      single stranded RNA
c.       Single stranded DNA
d.      Double stranded DNA

(85).  M13 is a:

a.       Plasmid vector
b.      Cosmid vector
c.       Viral vector
d.      Phagemid vector

(86).  Which of the following is having a proteinaceous infectious agent?

a.       Virioids
b.      Mycoplasma
c.       Scrapie
d.      Virus

(87).  Phaeophytin is a chlorphyll in which central Mg atom is replaced by: (question removed)

a.       Iron
b.      Oxygen
c.       Hydrogen
d.      Manganese

(88).  Differential distribution of photo assimilates in different sinks of the plant is called:

a.       Separation of assimilates
b.      Assimilates partitioning
c.       Storage of photo assimilates
d.      Photo-assimilates consumption

(89).  Redox potential value (E0) of NAD/NADH system is:

a.        – 0.1 V
b.       + 0.1 V
c.        – 0.32 V
d.      + 0.32 V

(90).  Which of the following plant has become an important research tool to plant molecular biologists?

a.       Brassica campestris
b.       Arabidopsis thaliana
c.       Lathyrus odoratus
d.       Xanthium strumarium

(91).  Which of the following is not a component of mitochondrial electron transport?

a.       Ubiquinone
b.      Cytochrome B6
c.       Cytochrome c
d.      Cytochrome a3

(92).  Which of the following GA is immediate precursor of all other GA’s in plants?

a.       GA1
b.      GA2
c.       GA10
d.      GA12

(93).  What would be the frequency of AABBCC individuals from a mating of two AaBbCc individuals?

a.       1/64
b.      1/32
c.       1/16
d.      1/8


(94).  Which component of transcribed RNA in eukaryotes is present in the initial transcript but is removed before translation occurs?

a.       Intron
b.      3’ poly A tail
c.       Ribosome binding site
d.      5’ cap

(95).  The following genotypes are found in a population: AA – 70,  Aa – 50,  aa – 20. What are the allele frequencies of A and a?

a.       A = 0.86 and a = 0.14
b.      A = 0.68 and a = 0.32
c.       A = 0.63 and a = 0.36
d.      A = 0.32 and a = 0.68

(96).  Differential distribution of substances in the egg most typically results in:

a.       Difference in gene expression which may establish a pattern in the embryo as the cell divide
b.      Amplification of specific genes during development
c.       Loss of specific genes during development
d.      Dominance of genes derived from the father

(97).  Tracing of a cell lineage during development means that:

a.       The cells giving rise to and derived from a specific cell are known
b.      The regulatory genes for the organism have been genetically mapped
c.       Cell components in the membrane involved in signaling have been isolated
d.      Cell components in the nucleus involved in signaling have been located

(98).  Positional cloning refers to:

a.       Using a selection procedure to clone a cDNA
b.      Cloning a portion of gene using PCR
c.       Isolating a gene from a specific tissue in which it is being expressed
d.      Mapping a gene to a chromosomal region and then identifying and cloning a genomic copy of the gene from the region.

(99).  Which of the following shows the correct hierarchy in the molecular organization of cells?

a.       Metabolic inter mediates – building blocks – macro molecules – supra molecular assemblies
b.      Organelles – building blocks – macro molecules – precursors from the environment
c.       Precursors from the environment – metabolic intermediates – macro molecules – building blocks
d.      Building blocks – macro molecules – precursors from the environment – supra molecular assemblies

(100). Rhynia belongs to a geological period called:

a.       Carboniferous
b.      Permean
c.       Devonian
d.      Cambrian

(Original question paper of Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor (Category No. 464/2007) examination conducted by Kerala PSC (Public Service Commission) on 20/06/2009 (Q. Code 196/2009) for the appointment of Botany Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Government Colleges of Kerala under the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Trivandrum, Kerala. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions format)

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Answer key:

Kerala PSC Botany Lecturer 2009

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