Difference between Fascicular and Interfascicular Cambium

Fascicular vs Inter-fascicular Cambium

Cambium is a strip of meristematic cells present between the xylem and phloem in dicot plants. The primary function of the cambium is to produce the vascular tissue and hence it is called the ‘Vascular Cambium’. The vascular bundles found in the primary plant parts are also called as Fascicles. The vascular cambium produces xylem towards the inner side and phloem towards the outer side in both stem and roots. There are two types of vascular cambium in dicot plants based on its position; they are (1) Fascicular Cambium and (2) Interfascicular Cambium. The present acticle discusses the difference between fascicular and interfascicular cambium.

Fascicular and Interfascicular Cambium

Fascicular cambium

The cambium present between the xylem and phloem of a vascular bundle is called fascicular cambium. The fascicular cambium is also called as intrafascicular cambium since they are present inside the vascular bundle. In the beginning, the fascicular cambium is a primary meristem, later during the secondary growth; it gets transformed into a secondary meristem.

Interfascicular cambium

The cambium occupy between two vascular bundles is called interfascicular cambium. It is a secondary meristem.

During the secondary growth in a dicot stem, the fascicular and interfascicular cambium fuse together to form a continuous ring of meristematic tissue called the Vascular Cambium. The vascular cambium cut-off the secondary xylem towards its inner side and secondary phloem towards its outer side.

The present post describes the similarities and differences between Fascicular and Interfascicular Cambium.

Similarities between Fascicular and Inter-fascicular cambium

Ø  Both fascicular and interfascicular cambia are meristematic cells.

Ø  Both are the part of vascular cambium.

Ø  Both can produce xylem towards the inner side and phloem towards the outer side.

Ø  Both are actively dividing cells.

Difference between Fascicular and Interfascicular Cambium

Sl. No.Fascicular CambiumInterfascicular Cambium
1Present between the xylem and phloem of a vascular bundle.Present between the vascular bundles.
2Fascicular cambium is a primary meristem.Inter-fascicular cambium is a secondary meristem
3Derived from the pro-meristem.Derived from the permanent tissue.
5Present in the primary and secondary plant parts.Present in the secondary plant parts
5Can produce both primary and secondary vascular componentsCan only produce secondary vascular tissue

Fascicular and Interfascicular Cambium

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