Difference between Shoot Apex and Root Apex

Shoot Apex vs Root Apex

Apex is the growing terminal portions of the stem and roots in plants. The apical portion of the stem is called ‘Shoot Apex’ and that of the root is called ‘Root Apex’. The apex portions of both stem and root possess a meristematic tissue called the ‘Apical Meristem’. The shoot apex and root apex shows considerable differences both in their external features (morphology) and internal features (anatomy). The present post discusses the anatomical similarities and differences between a shoot apex and a root apex with a comparison table.

Shoot Apex and Root Apex

Similarities between Shoot Apex and Root Apex

Ø  Both shoot apex and root apex are the growing terminal regions.

Ø  Both contain apical meristem.

Ø  The tissue in both shoot and root apex are primary tissue.

Difference between Shoot Apex and Root Apex

Sl. No.Shoot ApexRoot Apex
1Shoot apex is positively phototropic.Root apex is negatively phototropic.
2Shoot apex is negatively geotropic.Root apex is positively geotropic.
3Apical meristem in shoot apex is terminal in position.Apical meristem in root apex is sub-terminal due to the presence of root-cap.
4Shoot apex is protected by a crown of young leaves.Root apex is protected by a root-cap.
5Shoot apex possesses leaf primordia.Leaf primordia are absent in root apex.
6Shoot apex is dome-shaped.Root apex is hemispherical or cup-shaped.
7Quiescent centre absent in the shoot apexRoot apex is surrounded by a quiescent centre.
8Cells are comparatively more differentiated in shoot apex.Cells are comparatively less differentiated.
9Shoot apex is comparatively long.Root apex is comparatively short.

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