GATE Biotechnology (BT): Previous Year Solved Question Papers with Answer Key and Explanations


The following are the direct Links to GATE (BT) Biotechnology Previous Year Solved Question Papers. You can Download each Question Paper as PDF files. All the question papers are provided with Answer Key. If you find any mistake in the answer key, please feel free to inform the Admin

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@. GATE BT 2019 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2018 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2017 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2016 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2015 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2014 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2013 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2012 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2011 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2010 (Solved Paper, PDF)

@. GATE BT 2009 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2008 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2007 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2006 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2005 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2004 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2003 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2002 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2001 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 2000 Paper, PDF

@. GATE BT 1999 Paper, PDF

GATE BT All Old Question Papers

Feel free to contact Admin if you find any mistakes in the answer key…

The following are the selected questions from previous year question papers with
detailed answer key, explanations and references

@. GATE BT-2015 Part-1 (with answer key)

@. GATE BT 2015  (online mock test)

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