Similarities and Difference between Simple and Compound Epithelial Tissue

Simple vs Compound Epithelium

Simple vs Stratified Epithelium: Epithelial tissue is a tissue system in animals that forms the outer layer of body surfaces, the linings of the alimentary canal and the walls of hollow structures. It covers the internal or external surfaces of the body. In the previous post, we have discussed the Structure, Classification and Functions of Epithelial Tissues. Based on the number of cell-layers, the epithelial tissues are classified into Simple Epithelial Tissue and Compound (Stratified) Epithelial Tissue. The present post discusses the Similarities and Differences between Simple and Compound Epithelial Tissues in animals.

classification of epithelial cells

Classification of Epithelial Tissue

Similarities between Simple and Compound Epithelial Tissues

Ø  Both consist of living cells with dense cytoplasm and prominent nucleus.
Ø  Both tissues lack vascular supply.
Ø  Both depend on diffusion to obtain nutrients.
Ø  Both form the covering of internal or external surfaces.
Ø  Both rest on the basement membrane which in turn rests the connective tissues.

Ø  Both contain abundant cell junctions.

Ø  Both can act as boundaries.

Ø  Both can provide protection.

Simple vs Stratified Epithelium

Sl. No.Simple EpitheliumCompound (Stratified) Epithelium
1Simple epithelium is only one cell layer thick.The compound epithelium is many layers thick.
simple columnar epithelium
A Type of Simple Epithelium
example of transitional compound epithelium
A Type of Compound Epithelium
2Simple epithelium is present in the lining of the stomach and intestine.Compound epithelium is present in the lining of the pharynx and buccal cavity.
3In simple epithelia, all the cells rest on the basement membrane.In compound epithelia, only the lowermost layer of cells rest on the basement membrane.
4All the cells are similar in simple epithelia.In compound epithelia, the cells of different layers show differences in their size and shape.
5Simple epithelial tissues usually cover moist surfaces subjected to very little wear and tear.Compound epithelial tissue covers surfaces subjected to heavy wear and tear.
6Simple epithelial tissue can provide only less protection to the underlying structures.Compound epithelial tissue can provide much better protection to the underlying structures.
7Simple epithelial tissue also has absorption, secretion and secretion function.Compound epithelia has only very little or no role in the absorption, secretion and excretion.

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