Diplopoda Characteristics

Class Diplopoda of Sub-phylum Myriapoda and Phylum Arthropoda includes Millipedes

Systematic position

Kingdom: Animalia
Sub-kingdom: Eumetazoa
Super-phylum: Ecdysosoa
Phylum: Arthropoda
Sub-phylum: Myriapoda
Class 2 : Diplopoda

Diplopoda Characteristics

Ø  They includes millipedes (Thousand legged worms)

Ø  Terrestrial habitat

Ø  Detritivorous feeders

Millipedes and Centipedes Differences

Millipede : source Wikipedia

Ø  Feeds on decaying plant materials

Ø  Body is divided into head, thorax and abdomen

Ø  They are dignathic with mandibles and gnathochilarium

Ø  Gnathochilarium is the chewing (masticatory) organ

Ø  Gnathochilarium is formed by the fusion of second maxillae

Ø  Trunk segments are diplosegmentic (Diplosegmentic = formed by the fusion of two segments during embryonal development)

Ø  Each diplosegment bears two pairs of legs and two pairs of spiracles

Ø  Respiration is by tracheae

Ø  Excretion is by malpighian tubules

Ø  They are progoneate (Progoneate = single genital aperture opens in the anterior part of the trunk)

Ø  Development indirect

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