Difference between Compact and Spongy Bone: Comparison Table

Compact Bone vs Spongy Bone

Difference between Compact and Spongy Bone: Bones are the primary structure of vertebrate skeleton system which provides shape to the body and supports the muscles. Apart from this, the bone also produces the blood tissue. Based on the nature of bone-matrix, the skeletal bones are classified into two categories – (1) Compact bones and (2) Spongy bones.

(1) Compact bone: They are tough and heavy bones made of compactly packed osteons. They form the shaft or diaphysis of long bones.

(2) Spongy bone: They are soft and light bones make up of loosely packed trabeculae. They form the epiphyses (bond ends) of long bones.

Similarities between Compact bone and Spongy bone

@. Both compact bone and spongy bones are structural bones.

@. Both are the components of the skeletal system of an organism.

@. Both provide shape and structure to the organism.

@. Both are osseous tissues.

@. Both support the functioning of muscles.

Difference between Compact and Spongy Bone

Difference between Compact and Spongy Bone

Sl. No.Compact (Cortical) BoneSpongy (Cancellous) Bone
1Also called as cortical bonesAlso called as cancellous bones
2They are compact, heavy and tough in natureThey are spongy, light and soft in nature
3Forms the diaphysis (shaft) of long bonesForms the epiphyses (ends) of long bones
4Compact bones fills the outer layers of most of the bonesSpongy bones fills the inner layers of most of the bones
5Made up of osteonsMade up of trabeculae
6Bone lamellae are arranged in regular Haversian systemBone lamellae are arranged as interlocking networks
7No gaps between lamellaSmall spaces occurs between the bone lamella
8Possess bone-marrow cavity in the centerBone marrow cavity absent
9Bone marrow is located in the bone marrow cavityBone marrow is located in the space between the lamella
10Bone marrow is yellow in colorBone marrow is red in color
11Bone marrow store fatBone marrow produces red corpuscles and granular white corpuscles

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