Difference between Axon and Dendrites (Dendron)

Axon vs Dendrites

Difference between Axon and Dendrites: Axon and Dendrites are the two important parts of nerve cells involved in the conduction of nerve impulses. Dendrites are the branched projections from the neurons. Axon, better called as nerve fibres, are also cytoplasmic projections from the neurons. Unlike dendrites, the axons are long and un-branched and they carry the nerve impulse away from the nerve cells.

The present post summarize the Similarities and Differences between Axon and Dendrites with a Comparison Table.

Similarities between Axon and Dendrites

Ø  Both axon and dendrites are the parts of neuron.

Ø  Both are cytoplasmic projections from the cell body of a neuronal cell.

Ø  Both can conduct nerve impulses.

Difference between Axon and Dendrites

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Difference between Axon and Dendrites

Sl. No.AxonDendrites
1There is only one axon per neuronUsually many dendrites per neuron
2Axon arises from the discharging end of the nerve.Dendrites arise from the receiving surface of the nerve.
3Axon is comparatively long, sometimes several meters.Dendrites are comparatively shorter (usually under 1.5 mm)
4The thickness of axon is uniform throughout the length.Dendrites are highly branched throughout their length.
5Axon branches at the distal ending only.Dendrites are highly branched throughout their length.
6The terminal branches f the axon forms an enlarged synaptic knot.No synaptic knots are formed on the tip of the dendrites.
7The terminal branches f the axon forms an enlarged synaptic knot.There are not such vesicles in the dendrites.
8Axon contains neurofibrils all over but they lack Nissl’s granules.Dendrites contain both neurofibrils and Nissl’s granules.
9Axon conducts neuronal impulse away from the soma (cell body).Dendrites conduct neuronal impulses towards the soma.

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