Branchiopods – Characteristics

Systematic position

Kingdom: Animalia
Sub-kingdom: Eumetazoa
Super-phylum: Ecdysosoa
Phylum: Arthropoda
Sub-phylum: Crustacea
Class 1 : Branchiopoda

Branchiopods Characteristics

Triops (Branchiopoda) source wikipedia


Branchiopods Characteristics

Ø  Small group of freshwater arthropods

Ø  Feed on planktons and detritus

Ø  All species bear gills (hence the name, Greek- ‘branchia’ = gills)

Ø  Eyes present

Ø  Eyes compound

Ø  Carapace present

Ø  Shape of carapace varies

Ø  Trunk limbs beats in metachronal rhythm

Ø  Metachronal rhythm helps in respiration and movement

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