Research Methodology and Statistics Ph.D Entrance Test (Model Question Paper Part – 1/3)

Statistics Ph.D Entrance



Set – 1 / 3

(1). Discuss the importance of illustrations, graphs and photographs in research papers.

(2). What is the relevance of questionnaires in data collection and interpretation?

(3). Differentiate between correlation and regression analysis.

(4). What is Chi-Square test? Explain its significance in statistical analysis of any research problem.

(5). Add a short note on negative and positive correlation.

(6). Explain one-way and two-way ANOVA.

(7). Explain bibliography.

(8). What is hypothesis testing?

(9). How relevant in ethics and the role of ethical committees in the field of research?

(10). Explain in detail about the different steps involved in developing a research plan.

(11).  Explain deliberate sampling.

(12).  What is systematic sampling?

(13).  Explain the methods of graphical representation of data.

(14).  What are the advantages of graphical representation of data?

(15).  Describe Student -t Test.

(16).  What you meant by stratified sampling?

(17).  What are the characteristics of multi-stage sampling?

(18).  What is the importance of research funding? Provide an account on how to write a project proposal for research.

(19).  Give an account on the copy right issues and plagiarism. What are the protective measures adopted in scientific research to check plagiarism?

(20).  Describe the different styles of reference citation. What is reference manager software?

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