ICMR JRF and SRF Fellowship Amount (Emoluments) and HRA Rates Latest 2016


Candidates qualifying for the award of JRF will receive fellowship from ICMR. The value of the fellowship is at present Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousand only) per Month. The duration of fellowship will initially be limited till two years carrying a monthly stipend of Rs. 25,000/- and an annual contingency grant of Rs.20,000/-per annum. The progress of research work would be evaluated annually through annual progress reports. On completion of two years as JRF the stipend of a fellow may be increased to Rs.28,000/- p.m. for 3rd year on the basis of assessment of candidate’s research progress / achievements. Upon such a recommendation, the fellow will be called SRF. In the event of the Committee not recommending up-gradation, the fellow will continue as JRF with a stipend of Rs. 25,000/- per month for the 3rd year or his/her fellowship may be terminated depending on the decision of the Committee.  The JRF and SRF fellows will also get a maximum of 30% of the fellowship amount as HRA*. (*Percentage of HRA varies with the norms of host institutions). The duration as SRF may be for a maximum duration of 3 years. Thus, the total tenure as JRF plus SRF shall not exceed 5 (five) years.

A total of 150 Fellowships would be awarded. (120 fellowships would be awarded for work in the field of biomedical sciences with emphasis on Life Sciences (like microbiology, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, human biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, immunology, pharmacology, zoology, botany, environmental sciences and veterinary sciences etc).30 fellowships would be awarded for work with emphasis on Social Sciences like psychology, sociology, home science, statistics anthropology, social work and health economics.

Two separate merit lists, one comprising the candidates qualifying for life sciences and the second for those candidates qualifying for social sciences, will be made on the basis of their performance in the above test. The candidates selected for the JRF programme of ICMR would be permitted to enroll themselves for the Ph.D. programme of any University recognized by the UGC/MCI.

The validity of fellowship awarded to a candidate will be six months.

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