GATE 2010: Life Sciences (XL) Part I General Aptitude (GA) – Compulsory Paper

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GATE Life Sciences (XL) 2010
(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering: Original Question Paper)
(GA) General Aptitude (Compulsory Paper)

(1). The question below contains a pair of related words followed by four pair of words. Select the pair that best express the relation in the original pair

Unemployed : Worker

a.       Fallow : land
b.      Unaware : Sleeper
c.       Wit : Jester
d.      Renovated : house

(2). Choose the most appropriate word from the option given below to complete the following sentence:

His rather casual remarks on politics ____________ his lack of seriousness about the subject.

a.    Masked
b.   Belied
c.    Betrayed
d.   Suppressed

(3). Which of the following option is the closet in meaning the word below:


a.       Cyclic
b.      Indirect
c.       Confusing
d.      Crooked

(4). 25 persons are in a room. 15 of them play hockey, 17 of them play football and 10 of them play both hockey and football. Then he number of person playing neither hockey nor football is:

a.       2
b.      17
c.       13
d.      3

(5). Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence:

If we manage to ____________ our natural resources, we would leave a better plant for our children.

a.       Uphold
b.      Restrain
c.       Cherish
d.      Conserve

(6). 5 skilled workers can build a wall in 20 days; 8 semi-skilled workers can build a wall in 25 days; 10 unskilled workers can build a wall in 30 days. If a team has 2 skilled, 6 semi-skilled and 5 unskilled workers, how long will I take to build the wall?

a.       20 days
b.      18 days
c.       16 days
d.      15 days

(7).  Given digits 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4 how many distinct 4 digit number greater than 3000 can be formed

a.       50
b.      51
c.       52
d.      54

(8). If 137 + 276 = 435 how much is 731 + 672?

a.       534
b.      1403
c.       1623
d.      1513

(9). Hari (H), Gita (G), Irfan (I) and Saira (S) are siblings (i.e., brothers and sisters). All were born on 1st January. The age difference between any two successive siblings (that is born one after another) is less than 3 years. Given the flowing facts:

(A). Hari’s age + Gita’s age > Ifran’s age + Saira’s age
(B). The age difference between Gita and Saira is 1 year. However, Gita is not the oldest and Saira is not the youngest
(C). There are no twins.

In what order were they born (oldest first)?

a.       HSIG
b.      SGHI
c.       IGSH
d.      IHSG

(10). Modern warfare has changed from large scale clashes of armies to suppression of civilian populations. Chemical agents that doo their work silently appear to be suited to such warfare; and regretfully, there exist people in military establishments who think that chemical agents are useful tools for their causes.

Which of the following statement best sums up the meaning of the above passage?

a.       Modern warfare has resulted in civil strife
b.      Chemical agents are useful in modern warfare
c.       Use of chemical agents in warfare would be undesirable
d.      People in military establishments like to use chemical agents in war

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