Difference between Flower and Vegetative Shoot

Flower vs Vegetative Branch

The flower is the reproductive structure formed in the plant group Angiosperms or Magnoliophyta, commonly called as the ‘Flowering Plants’. The flower is a ‘modified branch’ or axis developed from a ‘determinate’ apical meristem. The term ‘determinate’ indicates the absence of further growth of the apical meristem after the production of flowers. Even though the flower is a modified shoot, the morphological and anatomical features of a flower and a vegetative branch show many differences. The present post discusses the Difference between Flower Shoot and Vegetative Shoot with a Comparison Table.

Difference between Flower Shoot and Vegetative Shoot

Difference between Flower Shoot and Vegetative Shoot

Sl. No.FlowerVegetative Shoot
1Apical meristem that produces the flower is ‘determinate’.Apical meristem on a vegetative branch is ‘indeterminate’.
2The apical meristem is completely used up for the production of flowers.In a vegetative branch, the apical meristem is not completely used up.
3Floral meristem has limited growth.Shoot meristem has unlimited growth.
4Floral axis is highly condensed.Branch axis is expanded.
5No regular leaves are produced in flowers.Regular leaves are produced on a branch.
6The floral organs (calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium) are all modified leaves. They are compactly arranged on the condensed floral axis.Leaves in a vegetative branch are well separated on the shoot axis.
7Floral leaves are usually arranged as whorls on the axis.Vegetative leaves are arranged oppositely, alternatively or as whorls on the shoot axis.
8Node and internode differentiation is not distinct in floral axis.Node and internode are well distinguished in the vegetative branch.
9Axillary branches are not produced in the floral axis.Axillary branches are developed from the axil of the leaves.
10Floral leaf components are sexually differentiated such as androecium (male) and gynoecium (female).All leaves are alike in the vegetative branch.
11Flowers facilitate sexual reproduction in Angiosperms.Now role in sexual reproduction. Helps in photosynthesis and growth of the plants.

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