GATE Life Sciences (XL) 2010: Chemistry Compulsory Paper Part 2 (Previous Year Question Paper)

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GATE Life Sciences (XL) 2010
(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering: Original Question Paper)
Chemistry (H) Compulsory Paper

Question 1 – 5 carries one mark each:

1. For a spontaneous process. The total entropy change (∆Ssystem + ∆Ssurroundings) is:

a. Equal to zero
b. Greater than zero
c. Less than zero for endothermic process
d. Less than zero for exothermic process

2. A battery delivers a steady current of 1.25 A for 90 minutes. The total charge ‘Q’ (in Coulomb units) is:

a. 6750
b. 1012.5
c. 112.5
d. 12.5

3. Molecule that has no lone pair of electrons on the central atom (among the choices) is

a. XeF4
b. PF3
c. ClF3
d. BF3

4. The oxidation state of nickel atom in the coordination compound [Ni(NH3)3Cl]Cl is:

a. -1
b. 0
c. +1
d. +2

5. The compound that is aromatic, among the choices is:

GATE Life Sciences Previous Year Question
Questions 6 – 15 Carries two marks each:

6. Consider the following equilibrium reaction:

CO(g) + Cl2 (g) ⥨ COCl2 (g)
0.60 atm of CO and 1.10 atm of Cl2 were mixed in a constant volume reaction vessel at a particular temperature. After the equilibrium was established, 0.10 atm of COCl2 was observed. The equilibrium constant of the reaction is:

a. 0.02
b. 0.15
c. 0.20
d. 6.60

7. For a particular reaction, the use of a catalyst reduces the activation energy (Ea) to one third its original value. The ratio of rate constant (Kcatalyzed/Kuncatalyzed) is:

a. 1
b. 1/3
c. Exp (2Ea/3RT)
d. Exp (Ea/3RT)

8. Among heptan-1-ol, heptan-2-ol, heptan-3-ol and heptan-4-ol, compounds those exhibit optical activity are:

a. Heptan-2-ol and heptan-3-ol
b. Heptan-2-ol and heptan-4-ol
c. Heptan-3-ol and heptan-4-ol
d. Heptan-1-ol and heptan-4-ol

9. Structure of the compound Y in the following reaction sequence is:
GATE Life Sciences Previous Year Question
10. The ionization energy follows the order:

a. O2+ > O2 > O2- > O22-
b. O2 > O2+ > O22- > O2-
c. O2- > O22- > O2+ > O2
d. O22- > O2 > O2- > O2+

11. Reaction of Na2SO3 with 2 equivalents of HCL produces a gas X, Solution of X in water is acidic in nature, X is:

a. O2
b. Cl2
c. SO2
d. H2S

Common data for question 12 and 13

The ionization constants of phosphorous acid (H3PO4) are Ki1 = 3 X 10-2; Ki2 = 1.7 X 10-7

12. For a dilute solution of phosphorous acid in a pH 5 buffer, the predominant species is:

a. H3PO3
b. H2PO3-
c. HPO32-
d. PO33-

13. The structure of phosphorous acid is:

GATE previous year question paper by Easybiologyclass

Linked Answer Questions:
Consider the reaction sequence:

GATE Life Sciences Previous Year Question Paper By Easybiologyclass

14. The structure of X in the above reaction sequence is :


15. The structure of Y in the above reaction sequence is:

GATE Chemistry Compulsory Question Paper

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