CSIR JRF NET Life Sciences June 2014 Part B (Questions 46 – 70)

CSIR/JRF/NET: Life Sciences, June 2014 (I)
(Original Question Paper)
PART: B (Questions 46 – 70)

(46). One hemoglobin molecule containing four heme groups can bind with four O2. The reaction of Hb and O2 are shown below. Which one of the following reaction is fastest?
a. Hb4 + O2 ⇔ Hb4O2
b. Hb2O2 + O2 ⇔ Hb4O4
c. Hb4O4 + O2 ⇔ Hb4O6
d. Hb4O6 + O2 ⇔ Hb4O8

(47). Which one of the following is required to anchor the synaptic vesicles to the cytoskeletal proteins in the pre-synaptic nerve terminals?
a. Syntaxin
b. Synaptobrevin
c. Synaptotagmin
d. Synapsin

(48). Vasopressin acts on blood vessels leading to their constriction. Which one of the following signaling cascades will apply to the effect of vasopressin?
a. V1R → Adenylate cyclase → cAMP
b. V1R → Phosphatidyl inositol hydrolysis → Ca2+ increase
c. V2R → Phosphatidyl inositol hydrolysis → Ca2+ increase
d. V2R → Adenylate cyclase → cAMP

(49). In an experiment involving mapping of 3 genes (a, b and c) in Drosophila, a tree point test cross is carried out. The parental cross was AAbbCC X aaBBcc. The genotypes of the double crossovers are: Aabbcc and aaBbCc. Based on this determine the order of the genes.
a. c a b
b. a b c
c. a c b
d. b a c

(50). In the following example, 3 independently assorting genes are known to govern coat colour in mice. The genotype of few of the coat colors is given below:
Agouti : A – B – C –
Black : aaB – C –
Albino: – – – – cc

What will be the expected frequency of albinos in the F2 progeny from cross of pure black with albino of the genotype AAbbcc?

a. 1/4
b. 1/16
c. 1/64
d. 9/64

(51). The distance between bacterial genes as determined from interrupted mating experiments are measured in units of

a. minutes
b. bp
c. cM
d. micrometers

(52). A black Labrador homozygous for the dominant alleles (BBEE) is crossed with a yellow Labrador homozygous for the recessive allele (bbee). On intercrossing the F1, the F2 progeny was obtained in the following ratio:
9 black : 3 brown : 4 yellow
This is an example of:

a. Dominant epistasis where allele E is epistatic to B and b
b. Recessive epistasis where allele e is epistatic to E
c. Recessive epistatis where alleles e is epistatic to B and b
d. Complementary epistasis where allele b is epistatic

(53). The organs ‘radula’ and ‘clitellum’ are found in

a. Echinodermata and Coelenterata, respectively
b. Annelida and Mollusca, respectively
c. Coelenterata and Echinodermata, respectively
d. Mollusca and Annelida, respectively

(54). Which of the following is a correct hierarchial sequence for classifying a living organism?

a. Kingdom – Domain – Phylum – Class – Order – Family – Genus – Species
b. Domain – Kingdom – Phylum – Class – Order – Family – Genus – Species
c. Domain – Kingdom – Phylum – Order – Class – Family – Genus – Species
d. Kingdom – Domain – Phylum – Order – Class – Family – Genus – Species

(55). Branchiostoma is a:

a. Protostome and schizocoelomate
b. Deuterostome and enterocoelomate
c. Deuterostome and schizocoelomate
d. Protostome and enterocoelomate

(56). The population size of a bird increased from 600 to 645 in one year. If the per capita birth rate of this population is 0.125, what is its per capita death rate?

a. 0.25
b. 0.05
c. 0.15
d. 0.02

(57). The present global warming trend is expected to result in an increase incidence of malaria in temperate countries. The supposed underlying mechanism is that:

a. Higher temperature makes temperate country people more vulnerable to disease.
b. Malaria parasite grows better at higher temperatures.
c. The vector mosquito species requires warmer temperatures for reproduction.
d. Anti-malaria drugs are less effective in temperate countries.

(58). The most important reproductive strategies of big trees in a forest are:

a. Earlier age at first reproduction and production of small number of large seeds.
b. Later age at first reproduction and production of a large number of small seeds.
c. Earlier age at first reproduction and production of large number of small seeds.
d. Later age at first reproduction and production of small number of large seeds.

(59). In rats, after the delivery of the offspring, mother shows the following behaviors. Which one of the following behaviors is NOT maternal?

a. Huddling above the pups to access the ventrum
b. Licking the pups
c. Lordosis of mother rat
d. Bringing back to the nest pups that wander away from it

(60). In very small populations, genetic variation is often lost through genetic drift. If the population size of a mammal on an isolated island is 50, what percentage of its genetic variation is lost every generation?

a. 0.01
b. 0.5
c. 0.1
d. 0.05

(61). The long feather train of a peacock is quoted as an example supporting:

a. Zahavi’s handicap principle
b. The Red Queen hypothesis
c. Hamilton’s rule
d. Haldane’s rule

(62). An ant moving straight, upon encountering an obstacle, may turn either right or left and continue moving. To test the hypothesis that the direction chooses by the ant is random, the most appropriate statistical test is:

a. ?2 –test of independence
b. Student’s t-test
c. ?2 –test of goodness of fit
d. Correlation test

(63). Among the following antigens specific to a pathogen, which one is most likely to be ineligible as a vaccine with long lasting host protective effect?

a. An enzyme involved in pathogen metabolism.
b. A cell surface protein.
c. A signaling intermediate, which is a kinase.
d. A long chain fatty acid.

(64). Which one of the following technique is generally used to produce transgenic animals?

a. Processed mRNA containing only exons are introduced into blastocyst stage embryo.
b. Entire foreign nucleus is introduced in enucleated unfertilized egg.
c. Desired DNA is micro-injected into fertilized eggs followed by implantation of embryo in a foster mother.
d. cDNA of desired gene is introduced into animal embryos and implanted in a foster mother.

(65). Electron microscopes have much higher resolution than any type of light microscope because:

a. The lenses used are of much higher quality
b. Of their higher magnification
c. Of very short wavelength of electrons
d. The images are viewed on screen rather than directly using an eye-piece or ocular lens.

(66). Which one of the following statements is NOT correct for propagation and maintenance of mammalian cells in-vitro?

a. Typsin is added to cell culture media to maintain cell’s health.
b. Transformed cell lines do need external supply of serum to grow.
c. The cells that are obtained directly from the organism is a primary culture.
d. HEPES buffer is generally used to maintain pH of the culture media.

(67). A bioinformatics tool used to find the sequence similarity in sub-units of hemoglobin is:


(68). The electro spray ionization spectrum of highly purified protein shows multiple closely spaced peaks, This most likely arises due to:

a. Degradation of the protein during recording of the spectrum.
b. The presence of multiple conformations.
c. Multiple charged species of the protein
d. Extensive aggregation of the protein.

(69). The average energy absorbed by 10 gm of tissue form 32P radiation is 14.9 Jkg-1. The average dose in rads is:

a. 1490
b. 14900
c. 1.49
d. 149

(70). In isoelectric focusing experiments, proteins are separated on the basis of their:

a. Relative content of only positively charged residues.
b. Relative content of positively and negatively charged residues
c. Relative content of only charged residues
d. Mass to charge ratio

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