M.Sc Botany University Question Paper: Genetics and Biochemistry (MG University, Kottayam, August 2015)

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
Second Semester
Faculty of Sciences, Branch VI – Botany
(2012 Admission onwards)
Time: Three Hours Maximum Weight: 30

I. Answer any six of the following in not less than 50 words. Weight 1 each

1. Differentiate between non-competitive and uncompetitive inhibition
2. What is strain and distortion theory?
3. Explain the following:-

a. Penetrance
b. Polygenes
c. Oncogenes
d. Interference

4. What is Hardy-Weinberg law?
5. Describe the following:-

a. Allosteric inhibition
b. Biotin
c. Proteoglycan
d. Kw

6. Name any two sulfur containing amino acid.
7. What are essential fatty acids?
8. What is Ramachandran plot?

II. Answer any seven of the following in not less than 100 words. Weight 2 each

9. Explain the following:

a. Genetic polymorphism
b. Simple QT
c. Over-dominance
d. Centi-morgan

10. Briefly explain the structure and functions of membrane lipids
11. Explain genetic mapping in human pedigrees.
12. Explain the following:

a. Acid-base catalysis
b. pKa
c. Activator
d. ATP

13. Write a note on forces that stabilize tertiary structure of proteins
14. Explain the classification of amino acids based on polarity.
15. Describe different mechanisms of sex determination in animals?
16. Briefly explain the biosynthesis of alkaloids
17. What are tumor suppressor genes and how do they check the growth of cancerous cells in normal tissues and allow the uncontrolled division in a cancerous tissue?
18. Draw the structure of sucrose and lactose.

III. Answer any two of the following in not less than 250 words. Weight 5 each

19. Briefly explain Michaelis-Menton constant and its kinetics. Add a note on the significance of Lineweaver-Burk plot in enzyme kinetics.
20. Give an account of factors that alter allelic frequencies in a population.
21. Describe synthesis of purine nucleotides by salvage pathway. Add a note on functions of nucleotides.


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