Research Methodology, Biophysical Instrumentation, Biostatistics Microtechnique question paper January 2015

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India
Third Semester
Faculty of Sciences, Branch VI – Botany
(2012 Admission on-wards)
Time: Three Hours Maximum Weight: 30

I. Answer any six of the following in not less than 50 words. Weight 1 each

1. Explain the role of index cards in research.
2. Explain the procedure and significance of maceration.
3. Explain the principles of staining. What are the different types of stains?
4. What is the impact factor of journals? State examples.
5. Explain the importance of bibliography.
6. What is micro-photography? Explain its importance.
7. Explain the principles of microscopy. Discuss the working of fluorescent microscope.
8. What is ELISA? Explain its applications.

II. Answer any seven of the following in not less than 100 words. Weight 2 each

9. Explain the role and working of different types of centrifuges.
10. Give an account on different types of mounting media used in laboratory.
11. Give an account on the principles and techniques of whole mounting.
12. What are the different types of designs in biological experiments? Explain any two.
13. What are the different types of data? Explain various methods of data collection.
14. What are the different types of catalogues? Discuss briefly.
15. What are the secondary storage devices? Explain any three devices in detail.
16. Give an account on mean, median and mode.
17. How chi-square test is used for the detection of linkage?
18. Write an essay on various stages of biological research.

III. Answer any two of the following in not less than 250 words. Weight 5 each

19. How to prepare a manuscript in favour of publication in a scientific journal.
20. Prepare a project proposal on any one of the biological problems for submission to UGC for financial assistance.

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