Plant Physiology and Plant Breeding question paper January 2015 (MGU MSc Botany CSS)

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India
Third Semester
Faculty of Sciences, Branch VI – Botany
(2012 Admission onwards)
Time: Three Hours Maximum Weight: 30

I. Answer any six of the following in not less than 50 words. Weight 1 each

1. Give an account on mutagens and its role in crop improvement.
2. With suitable diagrams explain stomatal transpiration.
3. Give an account on phytochrome mediated plant responses.
4. Describe various pathway of water transport.
5. Write notes on respiratory inhibitors.
6. Explain circadian rhythms.
7. Explain the transport of ureides and amides in plants.
8. Explain the role of NBPGR in plant breeding programs.

II. Answer any seven of the following in not less than 100 words. Weight 2 each

9.   Describe the structure and function of ATPase.
10. Explain the principles and working of gamma gardens.
11. Describe chemiosmotic theory of ATP synthesis.
12. Briefly explain male sterility and its significance.
13. Write short notes on: (a). Water potential; (b). Aquaporins; (c). Facilitated diffusion; (d). Membrane potential.
14. Discuss the centers of origin of cultivated plants.
15. Explain EMP pathway.
16. Give an account on phloem transport.
17. What are the stresses to which plants are commonly exposed? Describe the stress tolerance mechanisms found in plants.
18. Describe various steps of hybridization.

III. Answer any two of the following in not less than 250 words. Weight 5 each

19. Write an essay on plant growth regulators with reference to its biosynthesis, physiological effects and mechanisms of action.
20. Give an account on nitrogen cycle and the process of biological nitrogen fixation.
21. Describe the role of mutation induction in crop improvement. Discuss its merits and demerits.

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