Genetics Plant Breeding and Horticulture-April-2013

Sixth Semester
(Common for B.Sc. Botany Model I., Model II and B.Sc. Botany and Biotechnology (Double Core)]
Time: Three Hours Maximum Weight: 25

Part A (Objective Type Questions)
Answer all questions
Each bunch of four questions carries a weight of 1 (4 X 1 = 4)


I. Multiple Choice Questions Bunch I:

1. Crossing over takes place between:
     a. Whole chromosome
     b. Chromatids
     c. Both
     d. None

2. Kernel colour in wheat is a:
     a. Multiple allele
     b. Autosomes-linkage
     c. Polygenic interaction
     d. Linkage

3. 12 : 3 : 1 is noticed in
     a. Fruit colour of summer squashes
     b. Comb pattern
     c. Flower colour in Lathyrus
     d. Plastid inheritance in Mirabilis

4. Arboriculture is the study of
     a. Trees
     b. Vegetables
     c. Fruits
     d. Flowers

II. Multiple Choice Questions Bunch II:

5. In rubber, the vegetative method of propagation is
     a. Cutting
     b. Budding
     c. Layering
     d. Grafting

6. Seed dormancy cannot be broken down by
     a. Scarification
     b. Stratification
     c. Light
     d. Germination

7. Which parent is used only once in back cross breeding method
     a. Recurrent
     b. Female
     c. Male
     d. Donor

8. Which is not a surface irrigation method?
     a. Basin
     b. Flood
     c. Drip
     d. Furrow

III. Fill in the blanks:

9.   A place where only fruit crops were grown is known as ______________.
10. XX-XO mechanism is reported in _______________.
11. In _____________ breeding method, the segregating population of self-pollinated species is grown without selection.
12. __________________ is a famous garden in India.

IV. State True or False:

13. Sonora-64 is an achievement of pure line selection
14. Crossing over takes place in Zygotene stage
15. Ear size in maize is a quantitative inheritance.
16. Simple layering can be done in Jasmine.

Part B
Write short answers on any five of the following
Each question carries a weight of 1. (5 x 1 = 5)

17. What is genic balance theory?
18. What is Y-linked inheritance?
19. State hardy-Weinberg Law.
20. Define plant introduction.
21. What is the significance of mist chamber?
22. What is pruning?
23. What is clonal selection?
24. Define interference.

Part C
Write Short Essays of the following, Answer any four questions,
Each question carries a weight of 2 (4 X 2 = 8)

25. Write a short note on ABO blood group in man.
26. Explain the cytological basis of crossing over.
27. Describe extra nuclear inheritance with example.
28. List out the objectives of plant breeding programmes.
29. Explain Hybridization and its role in plant breeding
30. Give an account of garden components.

Part D
Write essays of the following, Answer any two questions
Each question carries a weight of 4 (2 X 4 = 8)

31. With a checker board explain recessive epistatis.
32. How mutation breeding is useful in plant breeding programs?
33. Describe the vegetative method of propagation by budding? Add a note on its advantages and disadvantages.

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