Cell Biology Genetics and Plant Breeding June 2010 MGU MSc Botany


Second Semester
Faculty of Sciences, Branch VI – Botany
Time: Three Hours Maximum: 75 Marks

Section A (Cell Biology)

I. Answer any seven of the following: (7 X 1 = 7 Marks)

1. Explain cell concept.
2. Describe TOC and TIC complex
3. What are mutational hot spots?
4. Write short notes on mega chromosomes.
5. Describe mitotic apparatus.
6. What is O-banding?
7. Describe Renner complex.
8. What are cyclins?
9. What is a chondrome?

II. Answer any two of the following: (2 X 4 = 8 Marks)

10. Give an account of giant chromosomes.
11. Add notes on mobile genetic elements.
12. Describe the techniques of karyotype analysis.

III. Answer any one of the following: (1 X 8 = 8 Marks)

13. Compare the mechanisms and events in mitosis and meiosis.
14. Give an account of the applications of isotopes. What are radiation hazards?

Section B (Genetics)

IV. Answer any five of the following: (5 X 1 = 5 Marks)

15. What is pleiotropism?
16. What is a spliceosome?
17. Distinguish between exonuclease and endonuclease.
18. Write short notes on apoptosis.
19. What are microsatellites?
20. Describe genetic polymorphism.

V. Answer any three of the following: (3 X 2 = 6 Marks)

21. What are selfish genes? Mention their roles.
22. Give an account of cytoplasmic inheritance.
23. Mention the terms C-value and C-value paradox.
24. Describe site directed mutagenesis.

VI. Answer any three of the following: (3 X 4 = 12 Marks)

25. Explain the cytological basis of crossing over.
26. Describe the structure of different forms of DNA.
27. Compare the DNA replication in eukaryotes and prokaryotes.
28. Give an account of RFLP. Mention its applications.

VII. Answer any two of the following: (2 X 7 = 14 Marks)

29. Describe various DNA repair mechanisms.
30. Give an account of regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes.
31. Discuss hardy-Weinberg law and mention its applications.

Section C (Plant Breeding)

VIII. Answer any four of the following: (4 X 2 = 8 Marks)

32. Write short notes on FLAVER SAVR Tomato.
33. Describe the centers of origin of cultivated plants.
34. Give an account of Heterosis.
35. What are the methods of breeding for disease resistance?
36. What is the role of inbred lines in plant breeding?

IX. Answer any one of the following: (1 X 7 = 7 Marks)

37. Describe the importance of mutagens and mutagenesis in plant breeding.
38. Discuss the recent advances made in plant breeding through transgenesis

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