General Informatics and Methodologies in Plant Sciences May 2014

Second Semester
(For B.Sc. Botany Model I and Model II)
Time: Three Hours; Maximum: 60 Marks

Part A (Short answer questions)
Answer all questions
Each questions carries 1 mark (8 X 1 = 8 marks)

1. Mention the significance of a fluorescent microscope.
2. What is a binomial distribution?
3. What is laboratory etiquette?
4. Name any two permanent mounting media used in mounting.
5. What id DNAi?
6. What is sampling?
7. What is a pH meter?
8. When does the mini toolbar appear in Microsoft Excel?

Part B (Brief Answer question)
Answers any Six of the following
Each question carries 2 mark (6 x 2 = 12 marks)

9.   What are vital stains? Give examples.
10. How do you making an animation using MS-PowerPoint?
11. List the principles of colourimeter.
12. Differentiate between Mean and Median.
13. What is INSDOC?
14. Write the composition of Carnoy’s fluid.
15. What do you mean by the impact factor of a science journal?
16. What is a histogram?
17. What is PAGE?
18. What is “Science Direct”

Part C (Problem/Derivations)
Answer any four questions
Each question carries 4 marks (4 X 4 = 16 marks)

19. Explain any “test of significance” used to find out the significance between observed and expected frequencies of a trait.
20. How will you make an acetate buffer?
21. Discuss “IT in teaching and learning”
22. Mention the steps involved to draw a pie-chart using MS-Excel.
23. How will you prepare a research paper?
24. Discuss the steps involved in the preparation of a permanent slide by Microtomy.

Part D (Long answer/Problem questions)
Answer any two questions
Each question carries 12 marks (12 X 2 = 24 marks)

25. Define Chromatography. Explain the principle and applications of a TLC.
26. Describe the hardware and software of a personal computer.
27. Give an account of the working of a phase contrast microscope.
28. Briefly explain the procedure and uses of ‘t’ test. Why is it called as ‘t’ test?

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