General Informatics and Methodologies in Plant Sciences April 2011

Second Semester
(For B.Sc. Botany Model I and Model II)
Time: Three Hours; Maximum Weight: 25

Part A (Objective Type Questions)
Answer all questions
Each bunch of four questions carries a weight of 1 (4 X 1 = 4)

 I. 1 – 4. Multiple choices:

1. Rotary microtome is used for:
      a. Taking serial sections
      b. Section of wood
      c. Taking ultra-thin section
      d. Quick tissue analysis

2. Resolving power of a light microscope is
      a. 50 nm
      b. 10 nm
      c. 100 nm
      d. 200 nm

3. Mode is:
     a. Middle most value
     b. Most frequent value
     c. Least frequent value
     d. None of these

4. Which tool is used in WORD to save a “new file”?
     a. Save at
     b. Save
     c. Save to
     d. Save as

II. 5 – 8. State whether the following statements are True or False:

5. DPX is used for permanent mounting.
6. Chi-square is a measure of dispersion.
7. MS-EXCEL is used for data entry
8. Pie diagram is a pictorial representation in which the data is shown as components of a circle

III. 9 – 12. Match the following:

9.   Killing agent             –         Chromatography
10. Google                      –         Glycerol
11. Ctrl + V                     –        FAA
12. Adsorption                –         Paste
                                        –         Search engine
                                        –         Cut

IV. 13 – 16. Name the following:

13. Expand e-mail.
14. Name a coal tar dye.
15. A presentation software.
16. A clearing agent.

Part B (Short answer questions)
Write short answers on any five of the following
Each question carries a weight of 1. (5 x 1 = 5)

17. What is INFLIBNET?
18. Define standard error.
19. What is pH?
20. Write down the principles of Spectrophotometry.
21. What is the role of ethyl alcohol in micro-technique practical?
22. What is maceration?
23. What is meta chromasia?
24. What is DNAi?

Part C (Short essay/problem solving type)
Write Short Essays of the following, Answer any four questions,
Each question carries a weight of 2 (4 X 2 = 8)

25. What do you understand by normal distribution? Add a note on its application in statistics.
26. Give an account of INSDOC services
27. Briefly describe electrophoresis and its applications.
28. You are asked to prepare an assignment on “Global Warming”. How will you use internet for this purpose?
29. Give a concise account of killing and fixing agents.
30. Explain different steps in permanent slides preparations in micro-technique.

Part D (Essay type)
Write essays of the following, Answer any two questions
Each question carries a weight of 4 (2 X 4 = 8)

31. Differentiate between mean and median. List out its similarities and dissimilarities.
32. What are stains? Explain the use of stains in micro-technique. Write down its composition also.
33. Give an account of buffers and its use in biological and research methodologies.

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