General Informatics and Methodologies in Plant Sciences April 2010

Second Semester
(For B.Sc. Botany Model I and Model II)
Time: Three Hours; Maximum Weight: 25

Part A (Objective Type Questions)
Answer all questions
Each bunch of four questions carries a weight of 1 (4 X 1 = 4)

I. 1 – 4. Multiple choices:

1. A dehydrating agent is:
     a. DPX
     b. Acetocarmine
     c. Ethyl alcohol
     d. Glycine

2. Mode is:
     a. Most frequent value
     b. Least frequent value
     c. Middle most value
     d. None of these

3. pH is 4, so the colour of pH paper is:
     a. Blue
     b. Red
     c. Green
     d. None of these

4. Ctrl + V is a shortcut key for:
     a. Copying
     b. Moving
     c. Deleting
     d. Pasting

II. 5 – 8. State whether the following statements are True or False:

5. Adsorption is the principle of chromatography.
6. ‘t’ test is known as goodness of fit.
7. Ctrl + N is used to create a new document in MS-Word.
8. DNAi is not a science related educational site.

III. 9 – 12. Match the following:

9.   Spreadsheet                 –            Mean
10. Ctrl + X                       –            Standard deviation
11. Measure of dispersion –            Glycerine
12. Mounting                     –            Excel
                                           –            Cut
                                           –            Word

IV. 13 – 16. Name the following:

13. A presentation software:
14. A search engine:
15. A clearing agent
16. A coal tar dye

Part B (Short answer questions)
Write short answers on any five of the following
Each question carries a weight of 1. (5 x 1 = 5)

17. Define Beer-Lambert’s law.
18. What is standard error?
19. Mention one application of fluorescence microscopy
20. What is INFLIBNET?
21. Differentiate between smear and squash preparations
22. Define sample.
23. What is colourimetry?
24. Define ‘t’ test.

Part C (Short essay/problem solving type)
Write Short Essays of the following, Answer any four questions,
Each question carries a weight of 2 (4 X 2 = 8)

25. Describe the salient features of normal distribution curve.
26. You are asked to prepare a project report on “water pollution”. How will you use “internet” for this purpose?
27. Give an account of killing and fixing agents.
28. How will you prepare a permanent slide of anatomy sections?
29. Write a note on INSDOC services.
30. Give a concise account of electrophoresis and its applications.

Part D (Essay type)
Write essays of the following, Answer any two questions
Each question carries a weight of 4 (2 X 4 = 8)

31. What is a Chi-square test? Describe its characteristics and significance.
32. What are stains? Explain the use of stains in micro-technique practical. Give composition of different kinds of stains used in practical.
33. Give an account of use of buffers in biological and research experiments

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