Animal Diversity Non-Chordata, November 2014 Botany Complementary

First Semester
Complementary Course – Zoology
(Common for all programmes having Zoology as Complementary Subject except B.Sc. Botany Model II)
Time: Three Hours Maximum: 60 Marks

Part A (Short answer questions)
Answer all questions
Each questions carries 1 mark (8 X 1 = 8 marks)

1. Larva of which insect pest is known as black headed caterpillar.
2. Name the excretory organs of phylum Platyhelminthes.
3. Mention the phylum of Trypanosoma.
4. Name a mollusk with internal shell.
5. Mention the larva of phylum Coelenterata.
6. What is Petasma?
7. What is Osphradium?
8. What is the most important diagnostic character of Arahcnida?

Part B (Brief Answer question)
Answers any Six of the following
Each question carries 2 mark (6 x 2 = 12 marks)

9.   What is atoll?
10. What are choanocytes?
11. Distinguish between polyp and medusa.
12. Explain metanephridia.
13. Citing an example, explain indirect development.
14. Explain the evolutionary significance of cephalization.
15. Write a note on Echinus.
16. Write briefly on pork tapeworm.
17. What are the significances of classification?
18. What are the salient features of phylum Ciliophora?

Part C (Problem/Derivations)
Answer any four questions
Each question carries 4 marks (4 X 4 = 16 marks)

19. Write an account on coral reefs.
20. With a labeled diagram explain the structure of ommatidium of Penaeus.
21. Explain the salient features of the phylum Coelenterata.
22. Give an account on the pests of stored grains.
23. Write an account on Balanoglossus.
24. Explain the life cycle of Wuchereria.

Part D (Long answer/Problem questions)
Answer any two questions
Each question carries 12 marks (12 X 2 = 24 marks)

25. Explain the salient features of phylum Echinodermata. Classify the phylum up to class giving diagnostic characters of each class and one example each.
26. With labeled sketches explain the thoracic and abdominal appendages of Penaeus.
27. Explain the external features of Peripatus. Write an account on its affinities.
28. Classify phylum Arthropoda giving salient features and examples.

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